XAC - Xian
XAC - Xian

Xian Aircraft Company: quality in China’s skies.

By installing a unique coordinate measuring machine, Xian Aircraft Company (XAC) has reduced inspection time and added a new level of flexibility to its metrology operations. XAC, located in Xian, China, is a large, high technology manufacturer of large and medium sized military and civilian aircraft for the Chinese market, luxury coaches, building materials, and electronic components. In addition, the company produces 14 upright empennages for Boeing 737, and is also a sub-contractor to many international aircraft manufacturers, including companies in Europe and Canada.

In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of structural components, the XAC Metrology Department uses a variety of coordinate measuring machines in support of its manufacturing operations.

For example, the company operates a Leitz PMM in the department’s Precision Measurement Station. A DEA DELTA gantry-style CMM is installed in the assembly and manufacturing workshop. A DEA OMEGA 3307 CMM and two Brown & Sharpe Qianshao CMMs are set up for process control applications in the Machining Center.

Coordinate measuring machines have become an increasingly important means of inspection at XAC due to the wide use of numerical control machining equipment, the adoption of CIMS network technology and the use of CATIA software to . . . . .

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