Walther Wolf - Wendelstein
Case Study Walther Wolf Formenbau, Gravier- und Messtechnik - Wendelstein

Enormous time gains

Measuring contours on the machine tool not only ensures quality but also considerably shortens set-up times and speeds up manufacturing cycles. A mould making and jobbing company reports its experiences using m&h 3D Form Inspect software and proves that quality assurance also reduces manufacturing time.

There are two things that sum up the business at Walther Wolf, a mould maker and jobbing shop in the Franconian Wendelstein near Nuremberg – the parts it produces and the company’s history. Founded in 1907, the company is still owner-operated today but by another generation, the greatgrandson of the founder. 67 members of staff specialize in the manufacture of moulds and insert tools as well as production of high-precision parts primarily for the automotive industry. Rather unusual is how daily production is achieved on the machines – very successfully using a high degree of automation.

The company operates a number of large machining centres of different sizes and from different manufacturers. As in other companies, a variety of different materials both soft and hard, are cut. Copper and graphite are machined in electrode manufacturing with graphite prevailing and increasing due to considerably shorter machining times. Wolf measure workpieces while still clamped on the machine, something becoming more prevalent at companies using m&h state-of-the-art technology . . . . .

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