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Case Study Talleres de Guernica

Laser tracker-based inspection of machine tool components

When a customer of Talleres de Guernica’s asked for a precision chuck with 7 m diameter, the Spanish machine tool company designed a manufacturing process based on permanent quality control. With the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401, new business opened up.

The machine tool company Talleres de Guernica, based in the city of Guernica, where the Basque Country’s heritage is omnipresent, has a long experience in metal machining since its foundation in 1916. Over the years, Talleres de Guernica constantly modernized their manufacturing technology and widened their product range. Their production became increasingly automated, parts grew, tolerance values however shrunk.

Mistakes are expensive.
Today, Talleres de Guernica offer mainly chucks and jaws for many types of machines. Most parts have a diameter of 2 m maximum – pure routine for Quality Manager Manu Fuentes and his team. When a customer asked for a chuck to be used in a manufacturing centre for wind turbine components with a diameter of 7 m and a weight of 65t, new manufacturing and inspection methods had to be considered.

Manu Fuentes looks back: “We did not have a lot of experience with such dimensions. But we knew that manufacturing mistakes would cost us a lot of time and money. So we decided to extend our measuring instruments and build the large part based on highly accurate data. For us, the maximum acceptable deviation is 0.05 mm.”

Measuring without laser tracker: Impossible.
While evaluating different metrology tools, the Talleres de Guernica team came to the...

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