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Boarding a plane to fly from one continent to another within hours has become an everyday event for us. Behind that are over a hundred years of aviation history and a great deal of high tech, such as engines produced by MTU Aero Engines. In its quality assurance, MTU relies on the power of measuring systems by Hexagon Metrology.

MTU Aero Engines develops, produces, sells and maintains civil and military engines for airplanes and helicopters, as well as industrial gas turbines. A key success element in the MTU portfolio is the geared turbofan jet engine, a joint venture project with the USA-based aviation company, Pratt & Whitney.

MTU takes care of the first four stages for the highpressure compressor - a blisk construction amongst others - and contributes the fast-turning low-pressure turbine. From a production technology point of view, blisks are complex components in which blades and disks are integrated in one component.

Pratt & Whitney is happy that its order books are continually swelling. The increase in orders presents a challenge for MTU: it is intended to increase the production of the technically sophisticated blisks at the main MTU facility in Munich from 600 to 3,500 pieces by 2016. A steep ramp-up.

Metrology experts required

In order to be able to cope with the order volume, MTU has built a 10,000 square metre large building on the company site in Munich especially for this purpose. The infrastructure in this building, including the measuring room, has been designed to exactly suit the work processes. . .

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