BLOODHOUND Project - Bristol

Building BLOODHOUND SSC - The 1000mph Office

When the BLOODHOUND SSC car makes its runs in the South African desert its wheels will be subjected to forces up to 50,000 G, the solid aluminium wheels each weighing 95kg will spin at 10,200 rpm – 4x faster than a formula one car. At peak speed the car will be moving faster than a bullet from a .357 magnum, covering 1 mile in only 3.6 seconds.

To achieve these amazing feats of engineering the BLOODHOUND Project team are using cutting edge techniques to design and manufacture a car capable of breaking the current land speed record and going faster than 1000mph. A key element in the build is metrology, precision data is required to make sure the car can achieve the desired results and set a new world record, and that is where Hexagon Metrology come in.

At a technical park in Bristol, UK, the BLOODHOUND Project’s base from the outside is an unassuming industrial unit which looks like any other, but on the inside some of the greatest minds in the UK are working to build the world’s fastest car. The project is headed by non-other than Richard Noble, himself a previous land speed record holder. Richard has assembled a team of professionals from motorsport and aircraft manufacture to give Wing Commander Andy Green, BLOODHOUND’s driver, quite literally the fastest office on land.

Inspiring a Generation

Breaking 1000mph is not the main mission of the BLOODHOUND Project, the key driver of the project is to inspire the next generation to consider careers along the line of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). There is a whole team of educational ambassadors that are working with over 5000 schools and colleges across the UK and beyond. Their duty is simple, use the exciting material of the BLOODHOUND Project to enthuse the engineers of tomorrow. Hexagon Metrology is pleased to have some of its own staff involved with the education programme.

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